We have written more than 150 books for people with a remarkable story to tell or a great lesson to teach. From politics to business to faith, we have produced books from every walk of life. We bring out the voice of the author in each book and then edit it for readability and marketability. We believe in simple language and powerful narration. Our books have gone on to become bestsellers and have been featured on national television channels such as CNN, ABC, and CBS. But our real claim to fame is the fact that a large number of our clients return to us for their second, third, or even fourth, book. As former journalists, we know how to write a compelling story. As business strategists, we know how to position your book for success.


We are a team of former journalists, with deep backgrounds in editing. We edit for marketability, based on the book’s genre. Our editing includes grammar, punctuation, style, and content. Whether you simply need a second set of eyes or you need comprehensive editing, we have the experience to do the job. Publishing a book to be read by the general public or your business audience is different from publishing a book for academic purposes, so you need an editor who understands that. It does you little good to have a book that is grammatically correct, but still boring, difficult to understand, or inappropriate for its audience. That’s where an experienced editor can help. It’s not just about making sure you’ve avoided all “its-it’s” errors or that you’ve spelled tough words correctly. It’s about making sure the book meets the needs of the target audience, is written in a style and tone that fits that audience, and speaks the language of your target audience. Your experienced RootSky Creative editor can help get your book into shape.


We design covers based on research, experience, and information from you. As a result of this three-pronged approach, our covers reflect the essence of your book. And yes, they look good on a bookshelf.

Book cover design isn’t just about choosing the right art or picture on the front. That’s only one part. It’s about choosing the right art, fonts, and every detail, down to even the spacing. It is also about writing compelling back cover content that will draw in the reader. It’s also about designing so your book meets industry standards and prints well. Mess up on even one of those areas, and you could lose serious money and time. For example, if you have the wrong trim size for your book, then you could end up with a size that is not standard and that will cost you more to print and ship. An experienced designer can design your book based on the best (and most economical) size for your needs.

In addition to the press-ready file, your RootSky Creative cover designer can also provide you a file containing the front cover of your book for promotional purposes, once the project has been completed. You can get a web file for displaying your book’s cover on a website and/or a high-resolution image file for use on signs, posters, etc. Just ask.   


We devote a lot of time and attention to interior page layout and design. While many people overlook the importance of a well-designed interior, we do not. We design the interior pages based on industry standards and reader expectations. Be it a workbook, ebook or novel, a book designed by us will always be of the highest quality. But we don’t stop there: Subtle elements enhance the effectiveness of your book even further!

Interior page layout and design is key to the overall look and feel of your book. It’s not just a matter of typesetting your pages. Choosing the right fonts, spacing, images, and other elements, takes years of experience. A book designed for an audience over 40 may need to use a different font or font size than one for younger readers. A book designed for people who work in the banking industry may have different considerations than one whose target audience is parents of young children. A cookbook will need different design treatment than a novel. An experienced designer will take into consideration the specific needs of your project.


To make it really simple, we create your author account on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. We then create your book in ebook format and upload it to your KDP account, so that readers can purchase a copy on Amazon.com, the world’s largest retailer. We can create both fixed layout and reflowable ebooks. A high-quality ebook cover is included at no extra charge.